Do you know TATAMI-BERI? Tatami-Beri is the edge part of a tatami mat. That is made of colorful woven fabric.

- In the old days, the colors and patterns of the cloth depended on the status of the family, but people can chose their favorite colors and patterns freely today. [http://japanese-culture.info]

We sell products made of Tatami-Beri.

[Omiyabito(Heian era court nobles) unleashed the flowering of traditional Japanese beauty. Their fine sensibilities are reflected in our products.]

What is the culture representative of Japan; tea ceremony or flower arrangement ? No, we think it is tatami. Our lives are embraced by the culture of tatami with its pleasant touch and moderate warmth and coolness, which developed in the seasonal climate of Japan. We pursue the heart of Japan in tatami, and dreams and romanticism in Tatami-Beri. Enjoy an opulent tatami space with well-chosen Tatami-Beri.

Nihon Kyodo Gangukan (Japanese Folk Toys Museum)

The Japanese Folk Toys Museum exhibits folk toys from all over Japan from the Edo, Meiji, and Showa periods. Attached facilities, including a gallery and shops, are arranged around a courtyard.